This weekend is the annual Mothers March on Washington, which coincides with Mothers Day. This is part of an entire weekend of activities coordinated by Mothers of Lost Children.

Each year over 58,000 children are placed with abusive fathers, in most cases taken from mothers who have committed no crimes and have no history of abuse. The crisis in the family courts includes decades of gender bias against protective mothers. If a mother dares to bring up abuse in the family courts, the tables will be turned on her, with accusations (requiring no evidence) that she is lying and attempting to alienate her children against their father. Despite evidence of abuse by the father, the courts end up taking children from the custody of mothers who disclose abuse.

This weekend hundreds of mothers will spend their Mothers Day marching at the Capitol to bring attention to this painful and dangerous issue. They will also ask the justice department to take action.

There will be workshops and training during the weekend to address
the legal issues associated with this crisis in the family courts. Additionally, there will be a one day Battered Mothers Custody Conference, led by Dr. Mo Hannah and attorney Barry Goldstein.

Happy Mothers Day to everyone and, for those who do not have your children with you, you are not alone in your fight for justice.