I’ve thought for years about writing a book. I get asked about it all the time when I speak or present somewhere. I’ve even been asked by the bailiffs who have heard me testify in court about whether I have a book. I’ve had it outlined and changed a dozen times. I’ve written it in my head multiple times. After taking Bill O’Hanlon’s class on getting a book published, I’m finally getting serious about it. I almost have the proposal done.

I’m starting with a subject near and dear it me: domestic violence. I teach about it all the time and do expert testimony in court on this subject regularly. You might wonder why I think we need another book about domestic violence. Well, here’s my thinking.

There are many academic books about domestic violence, that are geared toward the professionals. There are several books out there written by formerly battered women about their experiences. But, after 35 years of research, most people still don’t understand domestics behind the bare bones basics. Even therapists don’t get it and often do more harm to their clients because of that.

There seems to be a gap between academic knowledge about domestic violence and the people who need to know and understand it: battered women, therapists, and those who love someone who is battered. My book is an attempt to bridge that gap; to explain the academic knowledge in terms everyone can understand.

I’m excited about this project. And about helping bridge this gap to help others.

This blog will be sharing some of those ideas. So stay tuned. Each week I will add something new. Thanks for reading.