Since I just invited a bunch of you to follow my blog,I want to thank you. I primarily write about domestic violence issues, but I may branch out. For those of you who may not know this, I spend a lot of my time doing expert testimony for domestic violence, rape, and trauma cases. I testify for District Attorneys to prosecute cases and I also work on defense cases where domestic violence is an issue related to the charges.

I’ve worked on hundreds of cases where women are charged with murder and domestic violence is invoked. She may be pleading self defense or there may be reasons why issues of domestic violence would reduce the sentence. I do a lot of different cases, including several for men who say they were victims of domestic violence.

I try to keep these postings short so I get my point across without taking up lots of your time. Again, thanks and I hope you enjoy my blog. (And you don’t have to lay on my couch)